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European Commission Hearing: Pfizer admits to having lied to the public.


During a hearing before the European Commission, Pfizer admitted that they did not test the vaccine to stop the virus's transmission before it entered the market because they had to "really move at the speed of science ".

Again: Pfizer justified testing that gene therapy on all of us and lying about its efficacy because they had to "MOVE AT THE SPEED OF SCIENCE"!

In reality, the mills of science grind slowly. Scientists usually try to reject their own hypotheses and only then draw conclusions from their studies.

What’s shocking is that BioNTech's CEO Ugur Sahin stated that those vaccinated were no longer contagious until February 2021. Sahin later back-pedalled to cover up the lies. Let’s check what BioNTech (i.e. a German company) claimed concerning the vaccine’s effectiveness using the example of German yellow press headlines.

21 February 2021: BioNTech vaccine already highly effective after the first dose - “Previous analyses had attested to the vaccine's high efficacy in preventing symptomatic infections one week after the second vaccination. According to a recent survey by the health insurer Clalit, this was 94 per cent.”

26 February 2021: BioNTech reduces the number of asymptomatic infections - “A single dose of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine can reduce the number of asymptomatic coronavirus infections to a quarter after just twelve days. This is the result of a British study.”

27 February 2021: Vaccinated people are NOT contagious anymore! - “If critical variants emerge, a simple strategy might be administering a third dose of the current vaccine. Such a booster vaccination could induce such strong immune protection that even the variants could not make it through.”

29 June 2021: Years of protection after vaccination! - “The BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines arguably elicit a sustained immune response that can protect against coronavirus for years.”

It is now officially that Sahin and Pfizer deliberately lied to the public and caused serious harm to millions of people. There must be consequences.


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