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Nowadays, it is tough to distinguish pseudoscience from science. To be fair, those scientists I oppose would say the same thing about me. But one thing distinguishes us: I let the data speak and expose methodological fraud.

I believe that:

  • Covid-19 is a fraudulent distraction from shifting the power of the people to a handful of the super-rich. The fear of a “non-visible” threat forces people into obedience.

  • Like Covid-19, many facts and figures regarding climate change are misleading, manipulated, and/or simply ignore cause-effect principles.

  • The domain of science is highly biased. Instead of rejecting hypotheses, many scientists nowadays are manipulating the studies’ outcomes to meet their beliefs. The majority of studies are not reproducible.

  • Personal freedom, self-determination, and freedom of choice are the backbone of our free society. Giving these rights up will lead us right into dystopia.

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PhD in biotechnology. Sharing insights about health, nutrition, vitamin D, permaculture, and COVID madness. Banned on Twitter for stating that viruses usually get weaker over time.