I feel ya. Taking up golf has helped massively with my mental state. I’m learning to love life again through a new pursuit/challenge that forces me to learn and grow in a new way. It really is amazing.

I spent a long time wallowing in the darkness of the realisation of our predicament. Find something you like doing, alot, and do more of that. It will help.

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A good idea. It is so hard to love life again. Everything feels tainted to me. Golf, hmmm.

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Your commentary does not soft soap a certain inexorable reality. We all have our biases, and a confirmation bias toward a recognition of impending unsustainable dehumanising tyranny seems reasonable under the trying circumstances.

However, ponder on this as you (and I) refuse to submit.

There are an untold many who, 'once bitten are now twice shy', as there are an untold many who exemplify, 'fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me',. There exists yet another truism captured in the axiom of, 'You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time'.

Let's not fool our selves into despair. None of this is over, not by a long shot.

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Id rather die trying than die and not have tried at all.

I believe you made some excellent points.

My Dad use to yell from the side lines when I played football in school after I received a big hit after running the ball.

“Get up and suck it up, the games not over yet.”

Recently I have thought a lot about all his little saying’s like the ones you listed. They are small but can have a big impact.

We have to get up and suck it up, the games not over and I want us all to win.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It has given me hope today.

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Please keep fighting. ❤️‍🔥🙏🏼

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Another thing is that there are cycles to all this. This is the collapse off socialism/communism and it will follow its course. We are just players on the stage. Events are way bigger than any of us. However we can perhaps shift the amplitude or at least save our families and be an example to others who will listen. When this is all over in 8 years time we can re design society with true democracy and small government (that is not allowed to borrow anything nor take funds from anyone!)

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

Martin Armstrong cycle theory :)

'The Road to 2032' - https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrong-economics-upcoming-events/world-economic-conference/wec-2023-the-road-to-2032/

"We are rapidly approaching 2032, where there will be the real Great Reset. We can all now “feel” 2032 coming. Our computer has made forecasts that no human being could have possibly made on such a consistent basis."

But on the way to 2032.9> "During the Panic of 1869, when they were dragging the bankers out and hanging them, which was the first BLACK FRIDAY, I fear when this all starts to come unglued after 2024, this time they will be dragging journalists out to the streets and hanging them for destroying civilization where both sides are supposed to co-exist"

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Martin always says that Rome colapsed in 8 years. It seems we are now at the begining of our 8 year collapse in our civilisation.

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“The Bolshevism of that time had now the power to become great on the carcass of the dying Rome. The priesthood of the Christian church which later subjugated the Aryan church in unending conflicts goes on, since the 4th or 5th Century, to long for the celibacy of priests. It relies on Paul and the very first apostles who derogate the woman as something sinful and permit or recommend marriage as merely a legal way out of prostitution — that is in the Bible — and derogate the procreation of children as a necessary evil. This priesthood continues along in this way for several centuries until in 1139 the celibacy of priests is fully implemented.”


Heinrich Himmler on How Bolshevik Christianity Spreads Homosexuality and Hatred of Women . . . https://cwspangle.substack.com/i/138320669/heinrich-himmler-on-how-bolshevik-christianity-spreads-homosexuality-and-hatred-of-women

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The frustration is shared.

Not sure what I can do except for preparing, encouraging people to keep in touch with each other, and drawing the line beyond which life is not worth living. I'm trying to bring a few people together in my stack and hope they can make their own decisions.

There are a few "small" authors, you included, who seem to be doing the same. It wouldn't be tolerated, if it were ever bigger, but I believe that good ideas spread quickly and only those who are able and willing to take responsibility for their actions might be able to make a difference. No, I don't expect anyone to "save" anyone else; the saving people seem to need is beyond the scope of human potentials.

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Agreed, well put. Better than I could express it myself.

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Nov 30, 2023

Yep, it can be scary and I fret about it sometimes but I have stood fast so far and don’t plan on quitting. As an Irishman living in Italy I’m quite proud to say I’m one of 1.9 million people over 50 who declined the “invitation” of the Draghi government to get jabbed or get fined last year. I don’t remember the exact figures but Italy had a very high rate of refusal among older people. Mistrust in government runs high here, especially among older folks.

The ongoing dramas of war in Ukraine and the unfolding disaster that is Gaza seem only to be sideshows to distract us from the march of globalism and those aligned to the idea.

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good for you Freedom Lover !!! Agreed all the "wars and rumors of war" are merely distractions..

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Check out Richie Allen Radio show 4.00-6.00 Monday to Friday. App on Play Store. Great guests and cracking shows.

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You are delusional is you think Elon Musk is on “our” side.

He hired a WeF puppet to run X ..

He’s a puppet

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Comment deleted
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They screwed up with COVID, people are now skeptical of even other shots.

They screwed up with carbon credits.. not just people but pension funds are bitching about it.

This great reset plan is losing steam. They screwed up bad with the last 3 years, people are less afraid to talk that the government is lying to them.

Things are changing and chaos usually favors growth instead of control.

Remember that nature also works in humanity, and the conditions now are leading to people having more awareness of the predator class.

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agreed ! you will enjoy watch Mattias Desmet author of Mass Formation explains the "Psychology of Totalitarianism" an interview Dr. Joseph Mercola conducted with him...per Mattias 30% are Wide AWAKE, 40% are S L O W L Y Waking up and sadly 30% are gone...I think there is a Great Re-Awakening going on as well. They played their hands poorly..there are more of us than them..: Interview is here:


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You’ve been a huge inspiration to us. I hope we can return the favour... we have to fight for something greater than ourselves. Maybe it’s our kids, or grandkids. I’m sure I will mangle this, but I remember reading that one of the greatest acts of humanity is planting a tree whose shade/fruit you will not live to enjoy... I’m in it for the long haul😊✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

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I know!

Most of the time I think that people will simply roll over and adapt to all the bad stuff coming down the line because it seems to me that most people simply don't care. They don't care that covid was just a cold, that they merrily stayed home and destroyed their economies, ruined the future for their kids, left their oldies to die of despair locked in care homes. They don't care about the truth of any of it - it's far more interesting to watch plasticised people parading around on their TVs dancing in their knickers. They don't care whether the climate change narrative is true or false, they don't care that they are made to pay entrance fees to drive their cars into town. They don't care about any of it so they will just adapt to it all.

Sometimes I think the opposite and that there will come a time when people decide they have had enough and they will throw out all their technology, go back to writing letters and using cash and start demanding that the Bad People get arrested and the Bad Companies get broken up and the Bad Inter-Governmental Organisations get disbanded.

But mostly I think we are doomed and the future is bleak and it's only reading articles by people who can see what is happening that keeps me going.

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‘They’ only ‘win’ if we ALL give up. I am not giving up and I doubt very much that you will and nor will many others that I know!

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I don’t want to have to tell my kids that I didn’t do anything to prevent the one-world totalitarian takeover.

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Be NOT Afraid !!! the Bible literally tells us @365 times/ways...These are dark times for sure...the Devil, the prince of darkness is acting like never before & has literally taken over some "human" beings as seen in their increasing demonic behavior (e.g. Soros and the Gate$ of Hell etc..)...the spiritual battle between good vs. evil is real and ramping up by the second ! as the Holy and Great Archbishop Fulton Sheen said "Satan will have his Hour, but GOD will have HIS DAY!"....We are called to be men & women of COURAGE ! We are called to ARMOR UP with Truth , Wisdom and Fearlessness knowing this is but a blink of the eye in Eternity and in the end GOD WINS ! in the meantime take heart dear Freedom Warriors ! Pray, Hope and Don't Worry....Find JOY in each little thing you can ... and know as Mattias Desmet who coined the term /book on "Mass Formation" said 30% of us are WIDE AWAKE !...40% is very s l o w l y Waking Up, and 30% is lost forever....Even if you are the Last MAN or WOMEN standing in TRUTH so be it ...for now know you do Not Stand ALONE !!!...ps to understand the Psychologic how/why of Mass Formation (e.g brainwashing leading to Totalitarianism ) watch this fascinating interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola and Mattias Desmet "The Psychology of Totalitarianism": https://www.bitchute.com/video/UjFHswbEfnez/

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I feel this post Simon. It hits home with me because X recently suspended my journalism account I was using to launch my new business after being laid off from T-Mobile after 17 years. I came out of the gates way too hot and exposed T-Mobile's corruption, the lavish CEO pay, how T-Mobile US is really being ran by the German Government and partnered with the WEF, how T-Mobile partnered with the WHO and European Union to create vaccine passports and a social credit score system, and how T-Mobile violated my rights for discriminating against me for being unvaccinated. I lost multiple best friends, lots of friends, and even some of my family have distanced themselves from me. I didn't change, I'm just saying things on social media that go against the narrative. Wild times we're living in. Caring for other people seems overrated these days, because those people are so ignorant they don't even understand that we care about their future. Keep being great Simon, people like you give me hope!

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They Are Not Safe Anymore.

They Got Caught

Creating Imaginary Terror.

You Caught Them.

Every Single One Of You.

They Will Never Be Safe Again.

They Don’t Feel Safe Anymore. Anywhere.

Thank You For That.

And Carry That With You.

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Nov 29, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

This article came to mind , mainly because I had just read it! "For as long as we are trapped inside the authority of the system, we will never be allowed to determine how we live. Bear in mind that they don’t even want us to have the right to decide what to do with our own bodies, let alone with our world!

So the first thing we need to do is to break free from the grip of that authority, actively wriggle and refuse our collective way out of its control".

Food for thought...and action?


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