Frequently Asked Questions About The New Climate Change Vaccine, Ecovax:

What is Ecovax?

Ecovax is a new vaccine developed by Pfizer as part of its Green Health initiative. It uses the latest mRNA technology to control the spread of carbon dioxide (CO2), a planet-killing pathogen transmitted through your respiratory system.

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David Martin has had the receipts since early on...so strange to me certain "(medical) freedom fighters" seek and receive all the attention and keep many locked in a circular virus no virus debate rather than looking at timelines. documents, patents, contracts and blatant evidence of RICO crimes among others. EGO ON STEROIDS.

We have the list of perpetrators and the org chart of how it all went down. Spoiler alert: right here in the "morally superior" OGUS. But let's stay in the debate weeds, the analysis, etc. because that will make it easier to permanently enslave the survivors. Nobody (really) cares and Nothing matters. All I see are soon to be dead people who want to be right. Show me an AG who will even consider prosecutorial action. Won't happen (because its a military op). NOW back to your seats for more Kabuki Theater...

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Their dark theory of contagion is at the heart of their scam (the “cornerstone” as one sagacious Substack poster has put it). Remember how they prevented elderly people from seeing their relatives during the heart of their fake pandemic? It was always "Covid" that "tipped the balance" whenever any of these elderly people succumbed to illness. You could have heart disease or cancer for years, but those factors didn't matter--it was Covid that they put down on the death certificate.

And how exactly could they prove that an elderly person could die if you personally were in the room with them? Actually, there was never any evidence because this illusory idea of "transmission" is not measurable. It's as if you're being a convicted of a crime based on a general theory of how a crime is committed without there being any evidence that you personally were responsible. But nonetheless we're told in the most specious general terms that we ALL "could" infect such "vulnerable" people. What a crock of shit!

Their theory that the mere presence of a novel Coronavirus equals CAUSATION of cell death (cytopathic effect) is just that: a theory! But the medical dictators insist that their narrative is sacrosanct, and no one is permitted to challenge it. If you do you are being accused of spreading "medical misinformation."

Even those who have pushed back against this terrible medical tyranny, are enamored with this “one trick pony” viral/germ theory that has never been properly vetted in a real-world clinical study involving thousands of subjects. Instead, we must rely on tests of an extremely small sample of subjects utilizing contaminated tissue cultures and computer simulations of fragments of genetic material.

The bottom line is that the main factor in the death of those elderly people locked away from seeing their relatives was loneliness--a crime against humanity.

The fact that we are not permitted to question the theory of a "killer" virus (ascribing anthropomorphic qualities to sub-microscopic particles which on the surface appears ridiculous) should be a clue that their theory is bogus.

We are in trouble when bright people on our side will not even concede that the theory of contagion has never been properly vetted. We must question EVERYTHING these medical tyrants do and say even if it means demolishing generally accepted shibboleths.

Read Jon Rappoport's seminal blog: The Pandemic Pattern--How the Illusion is Built. https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/09/08/pandemic-pattern-how-illusion-is-built/

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Refreshing... we are not out of the woods yet, the mindset is amazingly persistent, including people still wearing masks in public. Thank our lucky stars for people like Gabriela Bauer, and you too, Dr. Simon ;-)

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"Virus Denying" is a loaded term that reeks of virtue signalling and desperately needing to curry favour with the scientific establishment.

Are you aware of the work of Dr David E Martin?

He demonstrates that the covid was manufactured in a lab, engineered from a computer simulation based on an altered virus; as such the covid pathogen does NOT OCCUR IN NATURE

AND HE HAS THE PATENT NUMBERS for the components of the covid virus to prove it.

its very existence fullfils the definition of bio weapon

you are quite correct, the measures enacted were both criminal - including false imprisonment - and irational

but the nature of the pathogen shows malfeasance and evil motive. RApacious govts were all too keen to seize upon bogus measures of total control and even resorted to terrorism - ie manipulaton by means offear, for it has a death rate of les than 1% even at my age of 64.

There is no pandemic here

and where one virus was released by a murderous cabal others wil follow

you don't believe me? I don't ask you to

take a look at Dr Martin to be found at prosecutenow.io and other sites

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"Covid is a real threat".

That is the fundamental lie that made all that madness possible.

The only thing that died of Covid is the flu.

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The power of hypnotism never ceases to amaze me. Constant brainwashing together with blanket censorship is incredibly effective. The resulting "groupthink" seems almost permanent. It is like they are almost possessed by it, and trained to attack anything that challenges the new religion. Weird, very weird...

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Thank you! I, too, had the same sense of “offends” that is described here. I have this book on my list to read. After this posting, I have decided to buy it.

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All very well but somebody has to stand up and say the basic truth (that I thought in 2020 but tend to forget in all the words swirling about), that there was no pandemic! Iain Davis reminds us of this in his article written about the recent 'Lockdown Files' which he described as carefully managed mainstream media propaganda, designed to convince us of a series of fundamental falsehoods.

As he says, all roads appear to lead to more top-down control using technology. The underlying point being made by all the chit-chat seems to be, "Perhaps lives could be saved if a technocracy of scientists and other experts were in charge"?

The official narrative certainly appears to support the currently-drafted International Health Regulations amendments and the World Health Organisation’s proposed Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, which pushes the formation of a technocracy in the UK and elsewhere.


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Oh yes and death to the unborn,

death to the American family.

Death to Christianity,

It doesn’t take much to see all this. This is just the beginning.

This is your Democrat political party, and a few Republicans.

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Thank you 🙏 for putting this together- we now have hindsight!

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The elderly, denied safe, effective early treatments & forced into homes w poor vent systems & denied access to loved ones were also hardest hit.

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