You’re inspirational. Thank you for sharing! That would be a dream of ours, to do what you’ve accomplished. But we’re not yet ready to give up on Canada, although it’s quite grim atm. On our end, we’re growing more (albeit not yet enough) food, learning to pressure can, hunt, etc. And meeting with like-minded people in the firearms/hunting/radio community. Learning new things every day, and trying to slowly detach from the matrix...

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I'm not worried about the great reset.

We went through many great resets, like the industrial revolution, ww1, and ww2 which changed a lot of things.

The main thing I prepare for is to not panic and stay open to learning new things.

I understand that technology is how they intend to control us, but abstaining from it is not a solution.

Knowing the proper use of technology is what matters.

As Bruce Lee said "be like water"

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If anyone believes that you simply "ran away from a fight" and chose to live out your life in the Brazilian jungle, that person never had to endure the persecution you did, Simon. God bless you. I am glad to have read this on Thanksgiving Day here in the US. You should be at the top of a list of people who deserve our gratitude. Humanity flourishes when people like you go to the lengths that you did to shine a Klieg light on these crimes that have been committed against humanity. The fraudulent use of the PCR test was an integral piece of the illegitimate foundation upon which the p[l]andemic was built.

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Glad you are independent minded. I admire your courage and skills to achieve self sufficiency. Cheers🌞

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About 10 years ago I saw the need to get off the government grid and get on my own grids. I went off the electrical grid about 2 years ago, I am now working on the food grid. I was blessed to be in Florida where they don't shoot the unvaccinated for the most part.

I have gone as far as learning how to run engines off charcoal that I make, and I also do aquaponics, combined with wicking grow beds. I as a Christian do see the time of buying and selling coming to an end and the need for barter may be my only option. I do see a time that the other sheep will report me so living life to the fullest now while I still can, tomorrow is not guaranteed. Thank you for sharing the truth with us, I am sadden to see chickens are now being killed using the same PCR tests... As you know this is not about health, this is all about control.

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Cheering madly for you Simon. Well done. Very well done.

I'd love to read your twitter threads and your destruction of the Drosten PCR deception.

I would post either on my facebook page. That PCR crap needs to be circulated widely.

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What a fabulous story. You are brave and true. One day the tables will be turned but for now you are a real hero

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I'm happy to hear you are doing so well.

Man, your life is like Robinson Crusoe on Steroids. That book also starts with slavery and a shipwreck, which are comparable to censorship and cancelling people from their job or their bank account.

Banking should be sacrosanct, and exist completely separated of any political nonsense.

What am I doing? I'm stuck in a deranged eurosocialist country which is wealthy, but is quickly running off the cliff. Not many options. At some point there could be an upheaval. We have to be ready for that opportunity. I focus on cultivating my mind and inspiring other people. It's the individual's mind what will save people. I see the Great Reset mainly as a process of destruction of the mind of people. To resist, helping to save minds is an OK thing to do. I wish I could do more.

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Quite a journey, Doc. Very impressive. Do you miss your old life?

I bet the night noises at your place are amazing. God bless.

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We were mentally ready to leave for Brazil when things were crazy.. We were so close. Then Lula got elected and I realized how quickly a country can change. Around the same time our restrictions lifted so it seems better off here than there for the time being anyway. We would have ended up in Recife which would have meant leaving one city in 1 country for another big city in Brazil . Amazon is not easy to get to. Impressive you found a spot. Cheers and best wishes.

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You are a true hero, when Sweden signs the WHO's mandate extension, many of us will follow your example :)

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Simon: You have been a great inspiration. I am on a similar path: uprooted my old life and moved into a forest community in central Ontario. We are in a corridor that is connected to the northern forests and is relatively wild even though it is near-ish (45min drive) to several large towns. All I could manage this summer was to build a greenhouse and a chicken coop (the latter with help from a wonderful crazy neighbour :-) I would love to have established all the infrastructure you have managed to do -- not sure how you managed it all. BTW I'm an ex-physicist. I'm doing my best to bring truth into the world. With appreciation.

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Wow! I can’t imagine what some people endured through the “pandemic”. You and others like you truly endured persecution for simply being a voice of reason. How bizarre.

I live in a small rural community in a largely conservative state (US) and things were scary but life was pretty normal for most of us. The scary part was simply watching the madness spread through society, a society that seemed to me to be so rational just a few months before we were all told to panic because of an invisible microbe that was killing off huge swaths of the population (about .24%).

Personally, my biggest challenge was just dealing with the reality that most of my family/friends/community/church were so susceptible to falling for the most ridiculous set of lies I have ever heard. “Stay safe by locking yourself in your house!” So stupid.

But as time went on, my eyes were opened to all the lies I had fallen for over my lifetime. I had an existential crisis while witnessing the world fall into chaos over silliness.

I’m very jealous of all the sun that you get! Living in a northern climate means that being self sustainable is very, very difficult. It’s nearly impossible. We need tools to be able to live and those tools come from China, for the most part. We also need feed for our animals, which also come from the current economic system.

But, we have made some changes, like expanding our garden and now, we generally only buy meat from local producers who raise clean meat from animals that are free from vaccines and gmo feed. My hope is that we are building a community that is resistant to the system of control and that we will be healthy and that we will not fall for the ridiculous mandates and tyrannical demands when they hit again. More awareness is key.

I’ve tried to think about what the next move will be by the technocrats who are running this sh*t show and honestly, the tool that helped most of us resist in the first place was the internet and being able to find alternative, independent media outlets. Because of this, I assume they will try to shut that down, as evidenced by the efforts happening in government to make registering for online ID a requirement. If they ever pass laws enacting this, or are somehow able to shut down the internet in general, resistance will be nearly impossible. Knowledge is power and the biggest threat the technocrats face is people who have educated themselves outside of their propaganda machine. If they succeed in shutting down the internet, I don’t know what chance we stand against it.

Until then, I will keep educating myself and trying to gently persuade people that I love to wake up and realize that there really are people who want them either dead or in a slavery system. It’s a leap too far for many people but I have seen many people who have realized the lies and corruption. This to me is the best hope. This and building up local economies as much as possible. Centralized economic power and production is our enemy. Bay a mess the world is in. This kind of control of the population did not exist before we were all tied into the internet. It’s a blessings and a curse, but mostly, a powerful tool of psychopaths.

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This is a testament to choosing life, liberty, freedom from tranny, and life on one’s own terms. I celebrate your spirit and persistence to break through all the barriers with which you were faced.

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I sold my homestead block Dec '19 just before it all started. Used to have dairy goats, etc. But physically could no longer cope with it all. I still needed fuel and feed from the feed store so wasn't really self sufficient.

Now I'm in town although it's small (pop ~ 2500). My veggie garden takes up most of my yard, is watered for the most part by a water tank I installed. I swap produce for eggs.

I'm completely reliant on society though.

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