One infuriating thing: the dancing nurses.

People generally don't know the subtext and don't make the connection: there was this famous game, Fortnite, very famous among kids and millenial entertainers. One feature of this game is that the winner gets to do a humiliating dance of victory over the virtual corpses of his frenemies. The nurses were doing a humiliation dance to insulte their victims. It was planned, but almost nobody noticed. Certainly, the nurses didn't know the real meaning of that stupid fad.

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You're a legend and this is absolutely on point.

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The shady origins of the PCR test, and the un-rigorous way it was implemented (varying Ct cycle count and number of hits required to be called a positive)?

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Isolating people is horrible for the immune system. Keeping healthy people from exchanging microbes is bad for the immune system. Using toxic sanitizers is bad for the immune system. In our state, alcohol and marijuana was legal while salad bars and exercise businesses were banned as well as some specialty food places. Our local grocery store roped off garden seeds as an area that people could not shop in. Promoting children have online classes was a disaster for mental health. Keeping people from the beach was terrible for health. Promoting people to live in constant fear is terrible for a person’s immune system. Putting people in poverty is bad for health. Keeping women and children locked in a home with abusive adults is terrible for health. Pretty much everything they focused on was bad for heath. I was voicing concerns over this from the beginning.

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There is a simple explanation for this shenanigan.

There is no virus. There never was. It's a massive PsyOp, designed to fool people into taking the deadly injections.

The great culling, in action.

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=> Yuri Bezmenov: https://odysee.com/@HOAX-REALITY:1/understanding-the-political-scenario:6

warned us 50yrs ago that the USA and all western democracies are in danger of ideological subversion by the collectivists / communists.

Compare our history with his predictions from 1984 - a perfect match.

And they killed him soon after his lectures.

The face of communism today:

- Twitter before the brave intervention of Elon Musk

- UN 🇺🇳




- "stakeholder capitalism” (what a joke!)

- State Department

- permanent state




- the CENTRAL Banking system! This is the ANTITHESIS of a free market.

=> they’ve built a system to redistribute wealth from the hard workers to the ultra rich 🤬

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Your #2 is how I knew in March 2020 it was all a lie. In the event of an actual pandemic (which is likely impossible in the age of daily planetary air travel), any serious medical professional would have advised how to strength immune systems. None of the government or media experts did. Every single mitigation effort they suggested or forced was the EXACT opposite of what they should have done. After then learning PCR tests were being used to legitimize the fraud, the con was almost laughable. I am shocked to my core it has gone on this long.

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Where I live the rona was not only height dependent, but time dependent. As everyone knows, virii sleep during the day, and are only active after 8pm. Plus the masks worked like security cameras are supposed to work. Just as some would be criminals avoid robing a place that has security cameras, the virus avoids infecting people who wear masks (maybe it's afraid that the wearer's imbecility is contagious, who knows).

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Oh boy have we been lied to, what a waste of money, waste of lives. Human life is worth less 2022 than 2019.

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My favourite covid con : follow the arrows in the supermarket and other shops. One way entrance, one way traffic in aisles, one way exit. Stops you catching the 'virus'. I had fun going the other way!

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If the government cared about the vulnerable elderly they wouldn't have shoved them out of hospitals in to care homes then give them midazolam and morphine.

"The Midazolam mystery remains – despite attempts by many to explain the doubling of its use in care homes and NHS hospitals after March 2020".


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Early treatment

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It never even was a pandemic: more of an exercise in totalitarianism. And we know who did it.


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Dec 28, 2022·edited Dec 28, 2022

I am so PLEASED to find you on Substack Dr. Gold. You are one of my heroes!!! I sent funds to your organization when you were in jail I was so HORRIFIED they did that to you.

And you are back on twitter (I am still permanently suspended but I can peek!)

Best wishes to you for the New Year. ]

PS thanks for sticking up for us old people!!! They have Been MASSACRED during this scandemic.

If not by shots by "standard of care" which included large doses of morphine and no food or fluids for about a week. No antibiotics for them! I lost my father, mother and aunt because of these practices.

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