You're so right. I worked in Fleet Street for most of my adult life until the late Eighties. Of course, we journalists were under constant pressure from advertisers and other influencers to present "facts" in a way which favoured their particular interests.

However, I can honestly say most of us resented and resisted such pressure, seeing ourselves as purveyors of truth and defenders of free speech. Editors and proprieters, and in particular our trade union, the NuJ, were supportive of this stance.

But money talks. As newspapers were absorbed by giant media conglomerates, the pressure on jounralists to to nuzzle, rather than bite, the corporate and political hands that feed became increasingly intense.

The shameful collusion of the Press in the "pandemic" psyop marked a new low in the history of my former profession from which, I fear, there will be no coming back. We must do all we can to stop the independent media being disappearing down the same plughole.

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Yes flair characteristics of those

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Great work, Simom!

We all will do our best to take care for our society to give them informations by picking up informations piece by piece to put the great puzzle together.

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