Dr. Simon

I just wanted to say I really appreciate your method of communicating your knowledge.

It’s easy to follow and understand for us C students, at least it is for me.

Staying away from carbs and sugars has helped me get back to 160 pounds from 235 pounds as well as getting off 13 meds I was on. Doing that, along with walking and being in the sun as much as possible, has helped me fell much better and has helped me stay active in many of my favorite activities.

Just from my own personal experience.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful information with us as it has been helpful to me as I am sure it has been for others as well.

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Ironic, isn't it, that it's mainly the highly educated, progressive, woke parents who make sure their children drink out of BPA free bottles and have concerns about phthalates and other endocrine disruptors are the same parents who will jab their child in the thigh with a puberty blocker "for their health and wellbeing."

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Since I am Japanese, I take citric acid with plum wine and pickled plums. In addition, I drink tea from a very good plant called "Dokudami (chameleon plant)," which is a very common plant in Japan, which has been used as a herbal medicine since ancient times. The main effects of Dokudami are detoxification and edema alleviation effect that excretes toxins and excess water accumulated in the body due to diuretic action, relieves allergic symptoms, beautifies the skin, improves menstrual irregularities and menstrual pain, activates body enzymes, antioxidant effect, improves immunity, maintains normal function of the skin and mucous membranes, prevents arteriosclerosis, tranquilizing effect, collects water in the intestines and softens stool, It has the effect of making it easier to discharge.

Ingredients of Chameleon plant (Dokudami):

Minerals - potassium salts, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc and manganese.

Vitamins - vitamins B2 and K, panthetonic acid, niacin.

Flavonoids - quercitrin, quercetin, choline, rutin, quercetin.

Dokudami is a plant that lives in shady and semi-shaded, relatively moist places, which even pregnant women can take with peace of mind 😊

Have a lovely weekend everyone !

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The fact is that the pro-death people are in charge today. They don’t talk about population control any more because they don’t need to. They are implementing every means available to reduce the population.

In 1968, Pope Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae (Human life). He warned what would happen if artificial contraception was embraced by the population. The corrupted infiltrators (Freemasons) that became many of Bishops and Cardinals, went nuts. They claimed his predictions of what would happen to humanity were greatly exaggerated. In reality what happened was far worse and perhaps not even Paul VI may have imagined it.

At the 1920 (6th) Lambeth conference (Anglican Bishops) it was state that any form of artificial contraception was basically unacceptable and evil. In 1930 they said it was ok in marriage under certain circumstances. With that, the slippery slope of moral degradation was heavily greased and everything has gone down hill since then. Before that, every Protestant pastor said contraception was basically for the dogs.

The Catholic Church held out (and official teaching still does). When Paul VI wrote Humanae Vitae the corrupt Bishops and Priests began telling Catholic parents that artificial contraception was ok if there was financial hardship, etc., just like the 1930 Lambeth Conference; or very similar. They came up with all sorts of good sounding phrases (e.g. paternal responsibility), to allow for an exception. Paul VI warned what would happen. Again, what happened has been far worse than his prediction.

Artificial contraception fails all the time. Planned Parenthood knows this and that’s how they make their millions in addition to getting millions in tax payer dollars to butcher babies.

One is either pro-life and open to life or they are not. “When couples understand the methods and are motivated to follow them, NFP (Natural Family Planning), is up to 99% successful in spacing or limiting births.”

But we’ve been conditioned in society to use one another and that has cheapened human life even more. States are already talking about killing babies after they are born; altroché partial birth abortion.

Poveri noi.

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A factor that is overlooked is credit card acceptance at grocery stores which occurred sometime in the 70’s. Prior to that people had to pay for food with money on hand. The non nutritional and harmful snacks could not be a priority. People just bought staples and cooked at home. They relied more on the three square meals for nutrition and most between meal consumption was staple items like a grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwich. The “fat free” food scam also confused people into believing that consuming empty calories would make them healthy when in fact it made them want to consume more.

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Really fantastic article-needs massive amplifying. Am posting my Egyptian bread recipe today in its honour...going back to old grains and baking my own everytging.

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Can you comment on the addition of high fructose corn syrup or (seemingly) everything?

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I'd say we've moved away from 'nature' in every conceivable sense, and this has resulted in 'unnatural' consequences... We are, one might say, approaching "transhumanist"... https://eccentrik.substack.com/p/transhumanism-is-the-extermination

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Hello Dr. Simon 😊 I am moved every time I read your article and I am very grateful that I have learned something valuable from your experience and advice.

I realize that it is precisely because we are in such a crazy and abnormal world that we need global solidarity and coexistence. So please you must explore the depths of truth with an unyielding spirit and thoroughly question them as they sow the seeds of despair.

Hello everyone 😊

Do you get enough Magnesium ? If not you should supplement it. It’s essential for your heart and brain function. And it is important to know that leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability), like PUFAs, can cause any chronic illness.

In a state leaky gut an abnormality in the small intestine mucosa causes an unlimitedly number of toxic substances to enter the blood vessels from the mucosa. Among them, PUFA and endotoxin are considered to be problems.

Leaky gut causes not only inflammatory enteritis such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, but also fatty liver. Surely, the reason is that PUFAs are mobilized for endotoxin-induced inflammation.

In addition, it is already known that endotoxemia occurs of Covid treatment and so-called genetic vaccination in severe cases due to the side effects.

Milk is the magic bullet to prevent leaky gut. Human and bovine breast milk contains nano-sized exosomes. The latest research has shown that exosomes in milk stabilize the function and structure of the small intestine mucosa.

Milk-derived extracellular vesicles protect intestinal barrier integrity in the gut-liver axis


Not limited to milk, dairy products in general have the effect of curing leaky gut, but if you drink about 1L of milk, it is said that the exosomes contained in the amount heal leaky gut. In addition to yogurt, butter and cheese can have a similar effect. I also compared cow's milk with goat's milk and sheep's milk, and sheep's milk was the best in terms of ingredients, nutrients, and benefits, by yhe way.

Another important thing is that the energizing of milk contains a "chelating substance" called "lactoferrin". Lactoferrin can be recovered by binding two molecules of iron ions. Actuary, lactoferrin has been reported to be effective in suppressing the inflammatory response caused by free iron (interleukin 6 [IL6] and tumor necrosis factor-alpha [TNFα]).

Lactoferrin in Aseptic and Septic Inflammation


The Myth of Pasteurization:

“Pasteur developed ‘pasteurization’, a process by which harmful microbes in perishable food products are destroyed using heat, without destroying the food.” This is not entirely true. Pasteurization does NOT kill ALL harmful microbes in milk and it DOES harm the milk.

Louis Pasteur And the Myth of Pasteurization


Unsurprisingly, "fake milk" produced in Gates or Bezos' artificial labs doesn't have at all effective behavior 😔 Please drink fresh, unpasteurized "Raw milk" 😊

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On Vitamin D deficiency, are you familiar with the research outlined here? https://library-of-atlantis.com/vitamin-d-answers/

In short: “There is no such thing as Vitamin D deficiency and no evidence that low levels are the cause of disease. Many inflammatory conditions lead to disruption of Vitamin D production and hence are the cause of low levels rather than the result of them.”

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Yes yes yes. Try buying a house with a decent kitchen? No one cooks anymore! In the 60/70’s our plates & drinking glasses were much smaller, as were grocery portions. We never ever would have considered eating such a large muffin as we do today. Most everything now is supersized. Our moral standards around food consumption are non existent.

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I don’t know about fit as a fiddle in absolute terms but certainly in relative terms. An obese person reflected a serious genetic problem or eating disorder. A real oddity in that era.

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Great list! We have many challenges facing us today.

From my research, cesarean births and formula feeding are also key factors. They prevent a normal microbiome from developing right from the beginning. That and antibiotics, which are common and often lead to dysbiosis as well. Also, low fiber diets are pretty hard on the microbiome. Learning how to prepare certain foods using traditional methods (soaking and fermenting) can really help to aid the digestive system and give a boost to a healthy, diverse microbiome.

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It seems you forgot a major #!

Cities... As long as billions of degenerate uman animals live in cities like the ones we've today, there's no CHANCE for CHANGE.

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The picture of the 2023 group, reminded me of a similar group sitting in front of me at a lacrosse game. They were feeding an overweight three year old cotton candy and Ice cream. My buddy looks over at me and says " this kind of blows the genetics argument out of the water."

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The rise of the big pharma drug machine and the anti-humanity doctors supporting it have led us here. Health? Forget it, you are on your own. Taking no drugs or vaccines is the first mandate to restoring your health. Then you have to change your eating habits...and that doesn't mean eating no meat or only fruits and veggies.

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