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The real bioweapons are the Covid injectables.

I’d add that the missing piece for many folks is that the early hot spots were likely the result of localized release of toxins and/or VLP’s/Infectious Clones. This was conflated with and associated to everything else brewed by the fear campaign (propaganda, PCR testing, computer models, iatrogenic deaths, lockdown harm, etc).

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The very first thing that I noticed about the pandemic response was that every single thing that they (public health “experts”) recommended people do, was inherently bad for human health (be afraid, wear a mask, sanitize everything, isolate, become inactive, crash the economy, etc). At first I thought it was incompetence but when they started suppressing early treatments, it became clear that it was much more than incompetence. Then I figured out that the “vaccine” was one of the centerpieces of the whole plan. It’s been such a crazy ride watching the whole thing roll out. I feel so bad for those who couldn’t see through the propaganda. I never would have believed this scenario had someone told me about it before 2020. Truth is stranger than fiction and there are definitely way more bad actors in the world than I ever could have guessed.

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No pure isolate, just insilico model. No emporiums new crown virus.

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This was never about a virus!! The so called (test) for COVID-19 were sent out globally in 2017 in a document I ran across early 2020 ((It read COVID-19 test)) but the WHO hadn't even named it ((COVID-19)) the so called disease caused by the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus until February 11, 2020 right on the WHOs website. Secondly, The "Inventor of PCR" who won the Nobel Prize for it said in a video that "PCR" is not meant to tell if anyone is sick! It's for amplification in study. Nobel Prize Laureate PhD Dr Kary Banks Mullis-

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Dr Simon, I also agree that the lab leak and GoF research are distractions. I think they were making the bioweapon vaccine at Wuhan. The globalist's most important thing is maintaining the control of the narrative, which is by presenting two false ideas (lab leak and GoF), and the simple people think one or the other must be true. But in realty neither are true. It's used to distract our attention from what's really going on.

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This was never about a virus and PCR is not a test. It's not to tell if anyone is sick it for amplification in study right ourt of the mouth of the Inventor who won the Nobel Prize for it. Nobel prize Laureate PhD Dr Kary Banks Mullis. He would have been infuriated but he happens to die in Aug 2019 just four month before the Plandemic.

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You may think this is the beginning of some kind of contrition but consider this;

To these people the virus is their God. He is a God of cruelty not goodness in their minds. Their God has inflicted upon them a modern day plague. But it's not a real plague--only one they experience vicariously through television and social media.

They rely on their high priests (the doctors and the scientists) to protect them with a rite of baptism. It's called vaccination. They have no knowledge that people are being hurt from the vaccines because this is their sacred rite. You do not criticize a sacred rite.

If you criticize you are a heretic that deserves to be ostracized--or worse: segregated in internment camps.

Watch THE VIRUS IS MY GOD. The “virus” is claimed to have invaded a town in the old west and soon worshiped as a new idol among the populace: Watch the music video here: https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-virus-is-my-god.

No more internment camps for the unvaccinated? Don’t be so sure! Watch Turfseer’s Music Video THE COMMANDANT. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/the-commandant

There's a new church in town. Watch CHURCH OF THE PANDEMIC MIND. https://turfseer.substack.com/p/church-of-the-pandemic-mind

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You don't need to be afraid to stop being polite and start thinking the unthinkable. Here's a bit of encouragement https://drsircus.com/general/the-greatest-hero-and-villain-of-our-times/

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I agree that the danger was exaggerated and the response did more harm than good. Also, I agree that western lifestyles and medicines can be unhealthy. But another factor for the lower rates in Africa might be that they didn't test as much? Also perhaps the pathogen (whatever it was) may not have been released there as much as in other countries?

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We all know by now that the whole thing was a dictatorial farce. That's the good news. The bad news is that it is clear that there's a group at the top which can lever so much coordinated power for evil.

At least we now know that the conspiracy is real, dangerous, and genocidal. We cannot go back to being naive.

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Well said Doctor.

Fear&Anger cause immediate response in unsuspecting targets.

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So glad to see this post as I have been promoting the same ideas and practices with little impact on people. Even those who don't support the fear mongering campaign or the covid drugs, they will still not work on improving their immune system. They may do a bit here and there but are not serious, particularly about changing their diet.

I think one of the worst developments in this country was the medical insurance system that is controlled by the pharma industry. People with decent incomes that can afford this 'insurance' have allowed themselve to become true believers in that system and even when they know better cannot detach themselves from that system. Have such policies makes them feel they are getting care for free and they cannot see how to avoid sickness by investing in their health in real and effective ways. They do not see the difference between co-dependency on a drug industry and self-empowerment with real food, supplements, exercise and sleep. Holistic protocols are the healthy way to deal with illnesses. The Medical industry has been good at keeping people alive in cases of dire emergency as in accidents but they are not good at health as it makes no profit for them.

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Well, it can be unequivocally proven that there was NEVER any so-called "virus" - people don't get sick from fictitious "viruses" curated on the computer :-)! And yes, fear causes stress and this in turn brings people permanent illnesses up to death - just as well as do these stupid tests, these dirty masks and especially this toxic toxic substances!!




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IMO you posit a false dichotomy, that of Gain of Function research, bioweaons etc on one hand , and psyops and terrorism on the other.

There is too much evidence for the former to dismiss it even as a disraction. Dr David E Martin has done superlative work in exposing in vast detail the crimes of Gain of Function and the engineering in a lab of the mild bioweapon (a spike protein delivery system which is in fact no naturally occuring virus) but itself designed to be used in conjunction with state terrorism and propaganda to herd people into taking the main bioweapon, the jab.

If you are not aware of Dr Martin's work i suggest you make yourself familiar with it

Your point about terrorism and psyops is taken but it is both, not one or the other.

As to the penalty for terrorism, there can only be one.

I am sure you know what I mean

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Very interesting experiment on the healthy young man who died with only a belief that he was losing his blood. Belief is powerful. Connecting to our Creator and trusting His words brings health. Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” I choose to focus on the good, true, and beautiful in the world God created. This is a great protection against fear and illness.

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Remember: The spread and economic effects of COVID-19 are your personal responsibility. Unless, of course, you are an oligarch or one of the oligarch handmaidens we call our "government representatives." In that case, you deserve trillions to tide you over through a crisis "nobody could have predicted."

Please note especially that none of the things that any government truly interested in maximizing it citizens health outcomes have been implemented or even proposed:

* totally free basic preventative healthcare, at minimum for the duration of the pandemic

* 100% free healthcare to anyone with COVID-19

* encouragement of healthy lifestyles and the provision free nutritious produce and nutrition supplements to the elderly, immunocompromised, and everyone of low socioeconomic status

* free delivery of essential goods to the most vulnerable elderly and immunocompromised individuals

* protection of the vulnerable elderly rather than housing them with infectious patients and euthanizing them with drugs and aggressive ventilation regimes

* immediate large scale scientific evaluation of a large number of COVID tests to determine which COVID tests best predict true COVID infectiousness and severity

* immediate large-scale voluntary tests of hundreds of existing medications and supplements and various preventative, early, and severe treatment protocols to determine their relative efficacies in preventing death and severe COVID progression

* voluntary enrollment in large scale trials to accurately determine COVID hospitalization and mortality rates in different population demographics

* voluntary quarantine facilities or self-quarantine programs that pay people who test positive for COVID a living wage as long as they conscientiously isolate themselves from others while they are infectious.

* mandatory HEPA filter ventilation in any large commercial venues and government subsidized school, church, small business, and home ventilation options.

* immediate large scale testing of the relative effectiveness of personal protection interventions and regimens such as hand washing, mask and goggles wearing, surface disinfecting, etc.

Instead, nothing whatsoever has been offered to us other than a set of scientifically unsupported authoritarian mandates that put the onus squarely on each and everyone of us rather than our government, our misleaders, and our profiteering oligarchs.

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