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My family doc nearly refused my request for vitamin D level, she acquiesced and then as my result was 70 ( I’ve been actively working on elevating it) told me to stop supplementation. A “D” level should be routine with every annual physical. But when advised to stop supplementation, by a mask wearing doc ( who should know better) it’s hard to take any of her advice seriously. I need a new doc 🤷‍♀️

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Thanks Simon! This page https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/ cites and discusses the most pertinent research on vitamin D and the immune system.

This includes how much vitamin D3 to take a day, on average (up to 10 days between intakes is OK) according to bodyweight and some health conditions, especially obesity which reduces the ability to raise circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D for any vitamin D3 intake as a ratio of bodyweight: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/index.html#sjw-updated-ratios .

To raise the circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D level safely over 50 ng/mL 125 nmol/L in clinical emergencies such as COVID-19, sepsis, Kawasaki disease, MIS-C, severe influenza - or any acute illness - a single oral dose of 1mg calcefediol (which _is_ 25-hydroxyvitamin D) for 70 kg bodyweight will do this in 4 hours. Bolus 10m 400,000 IU vitamin D3 takes about 4 days due to the need for hydroxylation in the liver. Ordinary healthy intakes such as 0.125 mg 5000 IU vitamin D3 a day take months to raise the 25-hydroxyvitamin D from typical unsupplemented levels of 5 to 25 ng/mL to 50 ng/mL. See: Professor Sunil Wimalawansa's recent article in Nutrients: https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/14/14/2997, https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/calcifediol-25-hydroxyvitamin-d-or and https://vitamindstopscovid.info/04-calcifediol/ .

Nothing is more important than raising your circulating 25-hydroxvyvitamin D level to 50 ng/mL 125 nmol/L, which is what the immune system needs to work properly, including reducing the risk of excessive inflammation.

See: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/06-adv/ on the Coimbra protocol (higher vitamin D3 intakes) to suppress the excessive inflammation which causes auto-immune disorders such as psoriasis, MS and rheumatoid arthritis. This excessively strong immune response evolved in our ancestors to counter the inflammation down-modulating compounds emitted by helminths (intestinal worms), which infected most or all of our ancestors all the time. Now we are dewormed, our inflammatory responses are often too strong. Helminthic therapy involves deliberately being infected with intestinal worms to suppress these inflammatory diseases: https://helminthictherapywiki.org/

The vitamin D people know nothing about helminths and the helminthic people do not seem to think about vitamin D.

If most or all people had 50 ng/mL or more circulating vitamin D3 humanity's burden of ill-health would be, very approximately, halved. There would only be occasional influenza and COVID-19 infections. There would be no pandemic spread, and those infected would rarely develop severe symptoms.

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No worries, Pfizer has a solution to all these diseases... FDA approved.


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The greatest pandemic is for sure Type II diabetes, the virus is the processed food industry.

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A small contribution is this.

Quit the exercise quest if you’re not already into it.

Everyone gets hyped up to “get in shape” then they join a gym, then quit after a week.

Because exercise sucks. It’s not fun… and you’re alone.

Find an activity that fits your fitness capabilities, fits your interests, one that includes people. Join a new tribe.

My tribe was joining Brazilian Jujitsu, which gave me a dozen new friends, who then introduced me to boxing, then rock climbing, and fishing.

Before I knew it, my life outside of work became BJJ, boxing, rock climbing, and fishing, which led to kayaking.

Finding your tribe is the game changer.

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i’m on 20,000 daily no fillers just pure so many changes for the good have i noticed ... j rockafella has a lot to answer for with his petroleum

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Thank you for the simple truth. I completely agree with your article. It certainly needs to be said again and again so that others will finally hear it! So simple and so, so true!

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Well of course "COVID" is mostly the "Flu" - originally in sick and old people. They rebadged it to get their numbers up. You got to give it too them - they claim a new sickness - no distinguishing diagnosis - so they package up all the normal maladies and name it "COVID". It's like "Climate Change" - take something everyone knows and commandeer it for your One World asperations - ingenious! Of course there is no such thing as a "virus" - that once again is the same pattern playing out. WHat we have now is a true "Pandemic of the Injected". I agree on VitD of course - I try and get 30 minutes sun a day - not easy as they are "greying" the sky currently here is AUST.

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I could remember in the early days everyone and the MSM was calling the disease "CoViD 19" from the SARS-CoV2. Then the fear porn wasn't working enough by them, so they ramped it up a few weeks later, in part, by switching the name from CoViD 19 to "CoViD."

CoViD is the generalisation for just Corona Virus Disease.This was to scare people on anything Corona Virus related whether it was just the Corona Virus responsible for the Common Cold, CoViD 19(SARS-CoV2), or any other kind.

Now we see that after the "CoViD" narrative mindcontrol stuck in much of the general population, we also see most of the Conservative Media followed lockstep by the influence of the MSM Syndrome. Many doctors and nurses which should know better are doing it, too.

People it is NOT CoViD that came out of the 2019 "pandemic" (aka, Plandemic), but is CoviD 19 as per the SARS-CoV2. There is a huge distinction, and we need people to know this, so that they're not in fear of everything corona virus related; they're not all the same!

The public needs to know the correct label, just as if you were writing an itemised bill, or a science article, or an announcement to the public.

Main point: This is not a true vaccine

Dr Martin | The CoViD 19 (modified) mRNA Gene-Code(Editing) Serum is an inoculum, NOT A VACCINE. I refer to it as an mRNA injection.


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