Reiner Fuellmich Concludes Bogus Hearings, Begins “Crimes Against Humanity” Tour To Grift More

There never was a lawsuit


Our reality is fake and scripted. Fake politics, fake media,fake science, fake opposition.

Nothing is new under the sun

The Hegelian Dialectic Process:


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Thanks for the update. It’s very strange and so disappointing.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences, Dr. Simon. It does sound like there is more to probe here, and I would like Reiner to have the opportunity to address them. I have extended an invitation to participate in a Dissident Dialogues (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/dissident-dialogues-cj-hopkins) interview and/or to provide a format where Reiner, Viviane, and Wolfgang can participate in written exchanges in which I mediate and ask guiding questions. He is likely inundated and may not respond (although he has always graciously responded to my past emails), but we’ll see if anything comes of it.

I would point out that you mentioned it was an acquaintance—not Reiner—who urged you to donate to the Ausschuss. I have been watching their interviews from the beginning and have never once heard them make a call for donations (granted, this may have happened in other contexts, and I know they offer the ability to donate at their website, which makes sense as they have invested an extraordinary amount of time in this process).

I also was never under the illusion that the committee was about filing a Nuremberg 2.0–type lawsuit, which I believe was perpetrated by those intending to sow the seeds of doubt in their efforts. Reiner has repeatedly tried to dispel those rumors and has clarified that they were on a fact-finding mission and were connected with attorneys all over the world who could then use the evidence they amassed as part of individual lawsuits in their own nations.

The US lawsuit Reiner referenced in your exchange may have been the successful federal mask mandate lawsuit by the Health Freedom Defense Fund as I know Leslie Manookian is connected with the committee, and I believe Reiner has played a role in that process. (BTW, if anyone *does* want to donate to an organization that is actively engaged in lawsuits, visit https://healthfreedomdefense.org/ and see https://healthfreedomdefense.org/legal-corner/ for their list of lawsuits. Leslie is a friend and I can attest to her integrity.)

As far as the Viviane debacle goes, a German translator named Paul Charles Gregory provided a revealing summary of Reiner’s Bittel interview (the subtitled translation of which is dreadful). I encourage everyone to review his synopsis here for more details:


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Murky situation. Let's see where it goes. What you report does not look good.

And I agree with your observation about Viviane. Something does not add up here. Watching for developments...

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Was another remark re him



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Maybe they both took the money and they are both in on it....good cop, bad cop......

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I watched Reiners entire process, nearly. It was clear it was just a show to make others think it's being litigated, to prevent others. He was one of the first - don't trust list, well before Malone at the end of 2021.

This is a must read for anyone questioning controlled opposition.

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Oct 25, 2022·edited Oct 25, 2022

If the Fuellmich crowd ever had credibility, pseudo-science advisor Wodarg shredded what may have remained of it with his anti-scientific lynching of Lanka and Kaufman, cheer led by Reiner and Vivianne.

It was clear within a month or two of Fuellmich getting public attention that he was controlled op and wasn't going to achieve anything except gate-keep the legal avenues and keep otherwise angry people sat on their backsides doing nothing whilst they wait for him to save the day.

Can't believe people here are apologising for him and claiming he never suggested he was going to file. He made it very clear at the start that this was the intention. His claims of legal wins (eg. Portugal) that he had nothing to do with were pretty obvious red flags IMO.

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From the start, Reiner Fuellmich struck me as another 'false hope' operation - like Robert Mueller was for the Dems in 2017-8, then QAnon for the GOP.

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Fuellmich is False Flag. And the same goes for nearly everybody else. Proof: Fuellmich invited "Bishop" Carlo Maria Viganò who is presented by the media as "conservative" - a little bit like Marcel Levebvre a few decades ago. What everybody can see and nobody wants to see is the "NOVUS ORDO" of "Vatican 2" which is the New World Order and Great Reset for "Catholics". As nobody reads the Catholic Catechism, let alone care about Christian teachings, nearly everybody denies the fact that the "Vatican 2" is not the Catholic Church but just a satanic group ("sedevacantism"). In case you wonder e. g. why the "Catholic Church" openly allows the use of aborted children for vaccines, why the "Catholic Church" enforces the "Corona" terror, why a Rotarian (Jorge Bergoglio) could be a cleric and even could be "elected pope", then just do a search for "secevacantism". Fuellmich and his "Ausschuss" were informed by me about all this and ignored it. The most important task esp. now with this "Covid" religion is to take away the "Vatican 2" fraud. However people like Fuellmich support and spread the V2 lie.

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Good that I sit, and have support, the burden of this is just another blow to everything what is around us! I send out all my personal research to Fuellmich Kanzlei, first response with nice words, later on nothing ever happened! The 'contact point' was one of the CA board of directors, Sue Frost. From very begin I was extremely suspicious about all of it, because of all the circumstances and the fact, that with my research they could win 100% in the courts, and yet, nothing ever happened. It is totally confusing, because it was ACU2020 which gave people the first reasonable doubt about the entire covid story with the biggest demonstration ever, in Aug 2020 (2 mln people with R.F. Kennedy...), and part of the movement split, I guess for these obvious reasons here! IT looks like they achieved double goal, to steal peoples's time for giving the HOPE, which never came, while not doing anything and allowing as many people as possible get injected, which in the same time 'collecting the proof'... The last point was when the Weimar judge was prosecuted, while in the same time, Fuellmich et al. sat comfortably in chairs..

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The new sorts of Jesus ! Do not follow or believe them !

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How disheartening is all of this, for a change... Thank you for this article.

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I never had that much of time to follow the epically long regular proceedings of the "Corona Ausschuss", but much or at least the "highlights" of it made it into the relevant alternative media channels, so that was sufficient for me getting up-to-date.

I remember that at the beginning, perhaps in late 2020, Reiner Füllmich talked much about the Drosten paper and the flawed PCR-Test that would be central for the whole agenda. So, he suggested, it would be the most promising strategy, to sue Drosten for his fraudulent test, in order to undermine the whole Corona agenda. This would have been in perfect accordance to your insights.

An acquaintance even send me a cease-and-desist letter from Fuellmich, that would support this, dated at 15.12.2020.

What striked me most then, was the rather colloquial style of the letter, that was not quite the elaborate style you would expect from a star lawyer. I never learned about his changing his mind, but it was the first time I wondered, if all this was real.

So, if you would be interested to read the letter, I could send it to you.

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Who is Dr. Simon?

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Ive now added



Bobby Kndy Jnr

Del Bigtree

Rushad Buttar


MDs ie Tenpenny Carrie Majev Northrup possibly Ardis linked to UN .... Makvitz

Sasha Stone

Charlie Ward possibly ...

(Although followed initially)

Removed from Tlgram ...

Discernment remains in GOD for guidance

Unbelievable what I thought supported 2.5 yrs prior .. 180 degree turn around!!

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